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Foam crystallite - a building material for 21st century

Project applicant:
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Krasnoyarsk PromStroy NII Project Plc
Tel. 2 391 2 902 000

Total project cost:

350 000 000р.

Project timeline
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2011 – 2014

Building area(s):
Project mission:

Project mission is the startup of thermal insulation materials production. Being made with the usage of innovative technologies the product will meet the demands of Krasnoyarsk Krai’s construction industry as being a modern, reliable and effective building material of a high quality.

Project scope:
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Investments will be allocated to create facilities for manufacturing the innovative eco-friendly thermal insulation, building and decorative materials which are to be used in both residential and municipal constructions.

The general business idea is to organize a competitive manufacturing of modern thermal insulation materials using the innovative production technologies. The product is to be made from eco-friendly natural zeolite materials which are also diagnosed to provide a high consumer impact.

Demonstration materials:




Presentation Foam Crystallite

Project cost
million rubles
(1st phase)
Investment phase
1,5 years
and installation works
10 months
start and attainment
of projected capacity
6 months

Foam Crystallite is…

… a unique research product developed by the scientists of Krasnoyarsk PromStroy NII Project Plc institute, a durable, eco-friendly and effective building thermal insulation material to be used in both residential and municipal constructions. Contents of patent also include the blend on slag material basis which can be used in the manufacture of foamglass for industrial and road constructions.

Business idea …

…is the startup of an experimental-industrial manufacture of thermal insulation and building materials made of foam crystallite. The product is being made from local minerals and slag materials being utilized by thermal power complexes, while the technology itself is truly an innovative one and is able to comply with a highest level of competitiveness. Furthermore, foam crystallite is at least 2-3 times firmer and lighter than the traditional building materials (brick, expanded clay gravel, porous concrete etc.) despite the fact that the cost of one unit volume is 1.5 times cheaper. Its durability and remunerative price are considered to be the key factors to expect higher demand for the products made of foam crystallite..

Ultimate consumers

Companies and individuals being involved into construction of any kind: urban development, road or pipeline building etc.


The manufacture is to be on the territory of Krasnoyarsk and Nazarovo (Krasnoyarsk Krai).

Zeolite quarry is situated in Nazarovo region – 200 km on the highway to Krasnoyarsk, 230 km on the railroad. The projected capacity of the plant is 10000 m³ of building materials and 2000 tons of zeolite per year.

The projected capacity of the plant is 10000 m³ of building materials and 2000 tons of zeolite per year.





Extraction of
raw materials:

2000 tons per year



Use of Foam Crystallite

Road and railroad building. Base course (filtration, thermal insulation).
Acoustic panels.
Camp ceilings.
Loose-fill insulation.
Low height housing construction. Thermo insulating slabs for exterior walls.

Advantages of Foam Crystallite

Heat-resistant. Operating
temperature range is -260 to +485°С
Completely non-flammable
Resistant to moisture, rot, acids, rodents and microbes on account of inorganic compound
High level
of acoustic capacity
Porous structure of the surface
ensures good cohesion
Easy to process into any
form depending on customer requirements

Multi-storey housing. Thermo insulating slabs.
Lightweight concrete production. Filler.
Thermal insulation of pipes and pipe fittings.
Industrial fire protection

The usage
of foam crystallite
in construction allows to reduce:

the cost of construction by 1.5 - 3 times.
the thickness of buildings’ walls by 2 – 4 times.
the cost of public utilities.
the weight of the building structure.

What will be the outcome of project’s successful installation?

1. Availability of warm and durable housing;

2. Building of a developed engineering infrastructure;

3. Independent mineral resource base of Krasnoyarsk Krai;

4. Active development of Russian building materials market;

5. Creation of innovative building material which is able to keep stand in the global competition.

Market development

1. Krasnoyarsk Krai and Siberian Federal District

2. In prospect – Ural Region and Russian Far East

3. In prospect – Asian Region

PromStroy NII Project

Siberia and Russia Far East’s leading research institute in the field of industrial design; is on Krasnoyarsk Krai’s construction market for more than 45 years. Availability of modern technical facilities and component specialists allow PromStroy NII Project to work on a variety of areas:

  • Integrated Design
  • Engineering Surveying and Construction Testing
  • Non-standard equipment
  • Energy Inspection
  • Product Testing
  • Information Management
  • Certification
  • Consultation Service
  • Non-state Expert Examination of Planning Documentation

Today Krasnoyarsk PromStroy NII Project Plc is the unique company in the field in the innovative construction technologies, not only in the Krasnoyarsk Krai, but also throughout the whole Asian part of Russia.